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Route in Montenegro by car with children

Many go to Montenegro to rest with their children. But how to see the country, than to entertain the children, considering mountain serpentines? The first advice is to choose routes shorter. The second advice is to look for places with the opportunity to swim by boat, see the animal world or natural attractions. In summer, young children are hot and uninteresting to walk around the old cities, which are stifling and not pushed, try to avoid them during the day.

The distance is 182 km. On the way - 4 hours, with walks - 8 hours.

Excellent impressions on children and their parents visit the Lip cave (42.367064, 18.953134). It is located 10 minutes drive from Cetinje or 50 minutes from Budva. It runs daily from April to October, groups run on time -10: 00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30 and 16:00. Come 15 minutes before the start to buy a ticket, go to the toilet, then everyone fills up a bright train that drives up to the entrance of the cave.

The price of an adult ticket is 10.90 euros for a standard cave tour, children's - 6.90 or 1 euro for a small up to 5 years. There are also family tickets for 29.90 euros, if you are four or five people. The program includes a 40-minute walk along the equipped paths and illuminated rooms with stalactites and stalagmites. The guide usually accompanies the walk in a story in Serbian or English, but there are some of the guests who translate. Detailed information can be found on the site of the Lipskaya cave.

The most interesting place for children will be a place that looks like a contact zoo. It is beyond Podgorica, in the mountains of the Moraca Valley. Landmark hold on the village of Blizna, as soon as the ascent begins on the mountain, you will see the signs with the green inscription ZOO. On maps, this place is designated as Prihvatiliste i oporavak zivotinja (42.536133, 19.305661)

When you pass by Blizna village, you will see a fence and signs of parking. At the entrance you will be met by the owners, pay for your visit 10 euros from one car. We advise to go to the supermarket in advance and buy a few kg of vegetables for the animals - carrots, cabbage, apples, salad ... You will be given a couple of plates of corn to begin with, so that all the inhabitants will run out to the meeting, rejoicing in the delicacies in the hands of the guests. A little later, they will take the cut vegetables that you brought to the present.

This receiver-zoo was invented by the Montenegrin family from Podgorica 12 years ago. During this time, there were about 400 animals and birds. Some birds, chanterelles, bear cubs and wolf cubs are passed to them by Montenegrins or Foresters when they are found knocked down on the road or lost in the forest without a mother. They treat, nurse, try again to release into the wild. Those who can not live on their own or require certain conditions are redirected to nurseries to other countries. Other creatures are bought abroad, for example, the lama used to work in the circus, traveled the whole world, so she is very playful and tame.

Children will be able to feed from horses, ostriches, goats, guinea pigs, deer, llama or zarrtitsu. Also here there are rabbits, tame birds and even a small suvenok in the cage. And the bravest of the company will feed milk from a bottle of a bear cub. In the receiver, the conditions for them are close to the wild, and there is not a huge visit by people. If you and the children are tired, you will be offered to drink coffee, juice, water.

On the way back we advise you to drive past the center of Podgorica, there is nothing to watch especially, you can only get into traffic jams ... It is better to turn to the Niagara Falls and the river Tsievna, which forms it (42.383599, 19.279236). Especially it is good in spring and early summer. And if you come in July and in August, then you probably will not see a drop, it dries up because of a lack of rain. But the river Tsievna all the same will please with emerald and cool water, at desire it is possible to be expiated. Also in the territory is the Niagara restaurant, around which you can see many ducks, geese, rabbits, goats and other living things.  

And at sunset we advise you to stay at the Skadar Lake - the largest reservoir in the Balkan region. The easiest way is to come to Virpazar, where the tourist infrastructure is developed (42.245952, 19.090966). When you exit the car you immediately offer a boat for rent, the average price is 25 euros per hour for the family. In addition, you need to buy a ticket to the bird sanctuary "Skadar Lake" for 4 euros from an adult, children under 7 years - free of charge.

Note that in the summer at lunchtime in the vicinity of the lake is very hot, the boat should be with a roof. From the heat there is a salvation - a stop for bathing, the water in the Skadar lake is flowing, you will be run down by a ladder into the water. Therefore, take swimwear and towels, as well as drinking water. Since this lake is a bird sanctuary, you will be interested in watching its inhabitants, enjoying water lilies and ancient churches, stone houses around. If you want a short walk, we recommend that you take a one-hour route from Virpazar to the island with the fortress of Grmojur and back.

Back to the sea coast there are two roads - a mountain pass with serpentines towards Petrovets, usually heavily carried by children, but the views are picturesque to the lake and the Adriatic. The second road is paid for - through the Sozin tunnel in the vicinity of Sutomore, for a car you need to pay 2.5 euros. Of course, the proposed route may seem long for someone, so boldly break it for 2 days, so that children are not tired and everyone has enjoyed Montenegrin beauties, flora and fauna.

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