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Car delivery to the airport and meeting with a sign

Delivery and meeting at the airport in Tivat is free. Podgorica Airport is 30 euros. Car delivery and return from the airport of Podgorica - 50 euros.

We bring the car to the airport, put it in the parking lot, we meet you at the exit from the airport with a sign, sign a lease and you leave.

Car reservation

Free of charge and without prepayment. We reserve a car for you and provide a reservation number whereby you can update the status of your reservation on any day.

Without a deposit (deposit)

That's right, we do not take bail when handing over the car.


Motor third party liability insurance is included in the rental price.

CASCO franchise costs 5 euros / day for cars of economy and middle class. Off-road cars and premium cars - up to 10 euros / day.

CASCO without a franchise - from 10 to 15 euros.

Baby chair

Available free of charge on request. Do not forget to specify the age of the child, so we know which chair to install: cradle, baby seat or booster.

Green card, green cardboard or international insurance

Is free. When registering the contract, let us know that you are going to travel abroad, so that we put the mark in the lease.

Second driver

Is free. Ask our employee when entering into the lease agreement, enter two drivers. In this case, both drivers will have the right to drive.

Limitations on mileage



Available free of charge on request.

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